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New Performer Series Tip # 1: Count the Beat with Your Inner or Audible Voice

Are you a new belly dance performer or maybe you would like to perform and you want to know what you should be working on to lay the best performance skill foundation? Anna’s “New Performer Series” will help teach you everything you need to be thinking about and practicing during this stage of your belly dance performance journey. The first video in this series, Anna will be talking about the importance of counting your music from the very beginning of your…

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Got Strategy? What the Top Performing Dancers Know That You Don’t

To those dancers wishing to take their dance performances to much greater levels… This article is not for dancers that dance for recreational or personal enrichment. While dancing to gain performance experience is helpful in some regards, many improvement-driven dancers leave a few important things out. These are things that can make a much greater impact on their dancing and help them get to the skills and level of performance that they truly desire. In this article, I will share with…

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10 Ways to Annoy Belly Dance Show Producers (Short of Cancellation)

Anna shows you 10 ways to annoy belly dance show producers (Short of Cancellation), as well as tips to help you avoid driving producers crazy. Producing events is tough work, but you can help the folks that give so much to our dance community by making their life easier, by being considerate and diligent when you sign up to dance in their shows. Beware that you do not commit too many of these, as show producers greatly appreciate dancers that…

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Ending Your Performance on a High Note

We’ve all seen it! The performer ends their dance or performance set…and then – NOTHING. They leave the stage with ZERO fanfare. The energy drops and the audience is left feeling that vacuum, and maybe they are also a little confused. The audience feels this void because even though the dancer was great and brought the energy in the midst of their performance, they ended with a low vibe like an unpleasant aftertaste. Who wants this? So, how do you end…

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Why YouTube Could Be Killing Our Dance Communities and What You Can Do To Stop It

This happens all too often at our local belly dance events. We peek around the stage curtain and find many empty seats or the seats are taken by the show’s own performers. Some say, “We don’t advertise enough” and that’s why few are coming. Others say, “people are tired of seeing the same dancers or so many amateur dancers.” While others will complain about shows being too expensive.  These are only a few among the many reasons why dancers choose not…

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How to Make Braids for Folkloric Egyptian Costumes

1) 1 skein of yarn in a colour to match your hair or black, your artistic choice. 2) These instructions are for braids 1.25″ (inches) thick. For this thickness, cut 120 strands that are approx 2 yards long. Keep them in one long bunch. You can adjust thickness by having more or fewer strands in your bunch. This length, your braids will hang [approx] down to your hips. Strands may need to be longer if you are taller. If you are…

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The Most Important Private Lesson You [Probably] Never Take

Here’s how the story usually goes. A dancer comes to me to prepare for an upcoming performance, we have a couple lessons, the dancer does the performance, sends me the video all excited, I see no less than ten things that could improve the performance, but the dancer never asks for a video critique or a follow-up lesson. Let me tell you, this is not the best scenario if you truly want to grow your skill quickly because you might not realize the most important lessons happen after your show.  Don’t get me wrong, preparation is important…

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Gig Booking Toolkit

Have you ever gotten a call for a show and you felt like you got all the information that you needed only to find out later that there were one or two details you completely forgot to get from the client, and now you have to call them back to get the details you missed? Or maybe you forgot the amount you wish to charge for a performance package that you are rarely inquired about, and you later find out…

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Tech Tools for Belly Dancers

  Tool #1 Audacity: Getting Your Music Just Right   Somewhere along your dancer’s journey, you will inevitably need to alter your music to suit your needs. Sometimes, you might feel a song is too long and you wish to remove less exciting or repetitive sections. Or you’ve signed up for a dance show and your time limit is shorter than the music you want to use and you need to cut it down. Or you are wanting to perform…

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