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Performance Skill Mastery Roadmap

Do you ever feel like you are aimlessly trying to become a better belly dance performer, but you have no idea how to get from point A to B, much less all the way to Z ? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clear step-by-step guide that tells you exactly how to go from being a new dancer to a professional quality performer? Well, here you go… The Performance Skill Mastery Roadmap! This guide is broken down into Beginner,…

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Tips for Beginner Belly Dancers

by Carmen Meza 2018 brought me this beautiful gift of dance. After almost a year of practice, here is what I’ve learned.  1. The name Pikachu works for almost every zill rhythm. I challenge you to try it  (insert laughter here) 2. Ignore the people giving you free criticism that you haven’t requested. Ask your teachers. They know what they’re doing. That’s why they are teaching the class.  3. Practice at home. Turn on the music and improvise using the technique you learned…

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New Performer Series Tip # 8: Identify & Remove Any Obvious Distractions

  In this video, Anna will be discussing how to identify and remove those hidden behaviors that sneak up on us during performances. These behaviors are called DISTRACTIONS. Distractions are things that we do while we dance that take away from the polished, graceful, pleasant look we are striving for. It’s important to put ourselves under performance-like pressure, through video and private lessons so we can see if we are doing anything that would be considered a distraction.  

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New Performer Series Tip # 7: Stay in Character from Entrance to Exit

Are you a new belly dance performer or maybe you would like to perform and you want to know what you should be working on to lay the best performance skill foundation? Anna’s “New Performer Series” will help teach you everything you need to be thinking about and practicing during this stage of your belly dance performance journey. The seventh video in this series, Anna will be discussing the importance of staying in character for your entire performance from the…

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Creating a Pre-Performance Ritual

Written by Kelli Nottingham How do you feel before you perform? Does your mind go into a complete fog? Does your heart flutter like a butterfly on espresso? Do your muscles feel stiff or cold? Do you forget your choreography or what your song even sounds like? Do you feel more numb than scared? Do you dread performing? Or do you just avoid performing completely? The truth is, performance anxiety affects a huge number of dancers and shows itself in…

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New Performer Series Tip # 6: Generating Emotional Energy

Some dancers are not only seen, they are felt! The six video in this series, Anna will be discussing the idea of generating emotional energy and practicing keeping that energy up during rehearsal and performance. Tip #6 suggests using a common acting technique to use your mind and your own life experience to generate emotional energy that can be felt during your performances. This process will teach you the first step in using your energy to impact your audience.  

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New Performer Series Tip # 5: Keep Your Head Up and Your Eyes Out

We often feel very uneasy when we first start performing, so our bodies tend to do things naturally that physically show our uneasiness, like looking downward with our head and eyes. But with a little awareness during practices and rehearsals, you can adopt a new habit of looking more confident. In the fifth video of this series, Anna will be talking about how to look more confident during your performances from the neck up by keeping your head up and your…

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