Belly Dance Music

Drum Solo Practice Playlists

  It’s time to get your drum solo practice on! Here are two Spotify playlists chock full of drum solos for you to practice to. Use the drills you learned in AAMED’s Drum Solo Master Classes to help you develop those smoking hot skills. Remember, the more you practice our clear, EASY strategies, the better and more confident you will be and feel.  Alright, let’s master this!   Start with these drum solos…    When you are ready for a challenge,…

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Maqam Immersion

Ajam – happy, joyful, victorious, powerful Hijaz – longing, sounds Arabian, snake charming Nahawand: feeling, emotional, often love themed Bayat: powerful, uplifting, uses one-quarter tone, the essence of Arabic music Rast: “the maqam of tarab”, 2 quarter tones, popular with instrumental and vocal soloists. Kurd: airy, spacious, freedom, common in modern Arabic music Sika: youth, strength, used in traditional songs, starts and ends with a quarter tone  Saba: bluesy, sad when played slow, fast is danceable     

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