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Ahlam Academy of Middle Eastern Dance

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Ahlam Student Troupe

Belly Dancing Student Troupe Houston Texas

Ahlam Student Troupe (formally the Bayou Bedouins) is comprised of students, beginner through advanced, wishing to share the stage and gain performance experience within a fun and supportive troupe environment. These students have performed in “Hayati Show & Hafla” and “Jewels of Arabia” student shows, as well as local and regional belly dance events.

Ahlam Student Troupe Houston Texas Copperfield Katy Texas


– Regular participation in Ahlam Academy┬ábelly dancing classes (minimum 4 classes a month)
– Learn the appropriate choreographies for Ahlam Student Troupe performances
– Purchase any required costuming ($150 or less per year)
– Attend mandatory rehearsals to prepare for performances


Ahlam Student Troupe Cypress Texas