Ahlam Student Troupe

Ahlam Student Troupe (L1) is comprised of students that are new(er) to our studio, who are wishing to share the stage and gain performance experience within a fun and supportive troupe environment. These students have performed in “Hayati Show & Hafla” and “Jewels of Arabia” student shows, as well as local and regional belly dance events.


Ahlam Student Troupe is the first troupe all students interested in performing have the opportunity to join at Ahlam Academy. Students typically perform a minimum of three performances with this troupe before going on to Jawahir and Ahlam Dance Company.

Note: Performing is never a requirement at AAMED. This is simply an option for those that wish to grow their dance skills through performance. 


Prerequisites for joining Ahlam Student Troupe:

– Must have attended Ahlam Academy for a minimum of 6 months
– Must currently be on (at least) an 8 class/month membership tuition
– Willing  to purchase any required costuming ($100 or less per session)
– Be able to attend a majority of “Performance Prep” classes to prepare for performances (some are 


Interested in joining Ahlam Student Troupe?

  1. Meet the prerequisites above
  2. Watch for the next Ahlam Student Troupe “Performance Prep” session announcement to sign-up.

Watch Ahlam Student Troupe perform! Visit the Gallery

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