Got Strategy? What the Top Performing Dancers Know That You Don’t

To those dancers wishing to take their dance performances to much greater levels… This article is not for dancers that dance¬†for recreational or personal enrichment. While dancing to gain performance experience is helpful in some regards, many improvement-driven dancers leave a few important things out. These are things that can make a much greater impact on their dancing and help them get to the skills and level of performance that they truly desire. In this article, I will share with…

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10 Ways to Annoy Belly Dance Show Producers (Short of Cancellation)

Anna shows you 10 ways to annoy belly dance show producers (Short of Cancellation), as well as tips to help you avoid driving producers crazy. Producing events is tough work, but you can help the folks that give so much to our dance community by making their life easier, by being considerate and diligent when you sign up to dance in their shows. Beware that you do not commit too many of these, as show producers greatly appreciate dancers that…

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