How to do a Belly Dance Reverse Undulation

Learn how to do a belly dance reverse undulation. The reverse undulation, unlike the “regular” undulation, travels from the hip up. Rather than from the chest down. This move is based on several foundational movements like the hip tilts, chest lift/drops, and ribcage tilts. If you need more practice on these movements to improve your reverse undulations, make use of our videos on these topics.  

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Tech Tools for Belly Dancers

  Tool #1 Audacity: Getting Your Music Just Right   Somewhere along your dancer’s journey, you will inevitably need to alter your music to suit your needs. Sometimes, you might feel a song is too long and you wish to remove less exciting or repetitive sections. Or you’ve signed up for a dance show and your time limit is shorter than the music you want to use and you need to cut it down. Or you are wanting to perform…

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What Not To Wear… in 60 Seconds

Don’t be caught dead in these belly dance fashion mistakes and tips on how to avoid belly dancing costume nightmares. When you are a new belly dancer, chances are you really don’t know much, if anything at all, about belly dance costuming. When making costume choices you want to look for quality, appropriatness, and style. When starting your belly dance journey, unfortunately, you won’t have any experience in making good costuming choices until you’ve been around the art form a while.…

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How to do Belly Dance Hip Slides

How to do Belly Dance Hip Slides

Learn how to do one of the most foundational belly dance movements – the hip slide. Hip slides are the basis for several types of undulations, hip figure eights, and much more. Shimmies may also be layered on top of hip slides to create exciting combination movements.  

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How to Belly Dance Hip Twist and Twist Shimmy

Hip Twists are a fun and exciting belly dancing movement. The hip twist’s speed may be increased into a hip twist shimmy. A single hip twist can be used as a dramatic accent in drum solos or any danceable Arabic music. The hip twist shimmy may be layered over a simple side-to-side hip slide to add spice to any dance.  

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