Origins of Oriental Dance in America

Oriental dance aka “belly dance” or “Raqs Sharqi” in Arabic, is considered one of the oldest dance forms on Earth, but no one knows for sure where it came from. Over the last few decades, archaeological, societal, and cultural discoveries, regarding the Middle East, dance historians have more information resources concerning the dance’s origins more than ever before. Currently, there are two “historical” schools of thought about where the dance may have originated. The first proposes that the dance may…

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Listen & Learn: Belly Dance Podcasts

You don’t have to be in the studio to learn more about your favorite dance. You can jump online or on your mobile and download great audible content to listen to anytime, anywhere – FOR FREE! Listening to podcasts is a super convenient way to learn new things, like great advice from master teachers, ideas on improving your performance, or hear about another dancer’s research into various styles. Lots of good info you would otherwise have to get from a…

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