Why Your Students Shouldn’t Wait to Perform

As a dance teacher, one of the roles we play is “therapist”. Perhaps more important at times than providing our student’s dance instruction, we provide informal counseling when it comes to dealing with the psychological issues that arise when our dancers are faced with performing. Many dancers lack self-confidence and/or self-esteem and ironically that may be the very reason they begin belly dancing in the first place – to help them build confidence. Sometimes they have doubts about their abilities…

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The 7 Characteristics of Great Teachers

What does it take to be a great teacher? DEDICATION The single most important characteristic of any teacher of any discipline is dedication. If you are not so passionate about your art that you cannot persevere through the hard times of growing your classes, slow seasons, dealing with difficult people, nor allocate time to study and practice your art yourself with a “show must go on” attitude, you will not make it as a really successful, well respected teacher. You…

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