Singer Spotlight: Abdel Halim Hafez

Abdel Halim Hafez is one of Egypt’s greatest singers. Almost 60 years later, we are still using¬†some of his most popular tunes in our performances. Some of his songs were quite long, over an hour in length, and we are most familiar with them as individual movements of the same song. Here is my top 10 list of songs performed by him. Where possible, I will post the full and shorter versions.   Note: You will be able to find…

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Top Places in Houston Belly Dancers Like to Visit

People that find themselves interested in belly dancing are usually a unique sort. They are often drawn to the art form because it satisfies their desire for the different and exotic. Belly dancers love to create, explore various cultures through movement and music, as well as try new foods and experiences. These characteristics are most apparent in the places we like to go to. Here are the top places in Houston we like to visit! Special thanks to the Houston…

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