Chest Twist & Chest Shimmy

This video will demonstrate the horizontal chest twist and we will speed up the same movement into the chest shimmy. The chest twist is a foundational move of many other upper body movements and can also be used as an accent. The chest shimmy is an essential movement of Egyptian dance with deep folkloric roots that continue to flourish in modern styles. With both movements, it is important to maintain proper posture keeping the back straight and shoulders neutral.

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Egyptian Knee Shimmy

The Egyptian Knee Shimmy is another one of those essential moves in belly dancing. It’s also one of the toughest to master, because it takes time to build the muscular endurance for a steady shimmy. Important things to remember while working on your knee shimmy: keep your feet flat on the floor, keep your knees soft (never locking them), and relax the hip area so the movement generated in the knees can travel easily to and be seen in the…

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