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Ahlam Academy of Middle Eastern Dance

Welcome to Ahlam Academy!

Are you ready to be inspired, feel more confident and appreciate the curves you have?

Come experience the joy of learning the world’s most beautiful dance in the far west Houston area at Ahlam Academy of Middle Eastern Dance!

Where you will meet some amazingly supportive and like-minded people who enjoy learning to belly dance in a positive, uplifting, non-competitive environment. 

No need to be shy. We love tummies of all ages (teen-adult) and sizes.

Let’s Start at the Beginning


You gotta start somewhere and the best place is in the Beginner’s Class.

No experience? No problem! Our Beginner’s curriculum is designed with you in mind. Each week’s class, we’ll take you step by step through all the essential movements of belly dance. Before you know it, you will be dancing and learning whole choreographies every 4-8 weeks!

No need to dress up. Come in your t-shirt and yoga pants. 

All beginners classes are on-going, so you can start ANYTIME. 

Join us ANY Saturday @ 12pm, Monday @ 6pm, or Thursday @ 7pm for your first class. Click here to see our full class schedule.

You can try one class (drop-in) for $18 or TWO WEEKS of UNLIMITED belly dancing classes for only $29!


 Start Your Dance Journey Now!

New Student Special - $29

Get UNLIMITED Beginner and "Tech, Drills, and Zills" classes for 14 consecutive days. Your 2 weeks begins when you take your first lesson. Available to new and local students only, please.

Single Drop-in Class - $18

Only need one class? Well, you can buy as many as you like and use them for any of our classes. Great choice for out of town guests! Drop-ins may be purchased by anyone.

See What Our Students Say…


Ahlam Academy of Middle Eastern Dance is awesome! Anna is awesome! The instructors are awesome! I'm going into my fourth week as a beginner and I LOVE IT! Anna and the other instructors make sure that everyone is comfortable with the movements before moving on to the next. They explain every detail of each move so that we all understand how to execute. They are all so supportive and sweet! I look forward to going to class every week!


Anna is one of the best dance instructors I have ever had and her classes are catered to all level of dancers, from beginners to advance. Her classes are organized and fun, with a focus on technique. She ensures that you get the background for what you're dancing to and her knowledge in belly dancing styles is extensive from Eqyptian to Turkish to Romani. She takes you through a unique dance journey every month, teaching a short choreography on the different styles. She covers the rhythms associated with the style and shows steps that go with them. If you aspire to perform, Anna's attention to detail- movements, expression and posture- will get you there is no time. She encourages everyone to get out there and dance. The best thing about Anna is that not only is she a good instructor, she is an amazing person, always welcoming you with a smile. Rain or not, she keeps her she keeps her doors open for anyone who wants to come to class and learn. Learning from Anna is a fun adventure for all dance lovers!


Anna is knowledgeable and fun. She offers variety for all levels of bellydance. Definitely the highlight of my week.


Anna is incredibly thorough in her training. She does not just teach the moves, but every aspect of Middle Eastern Dance. From history, choreography, costuming. props, performing etc. The teachers are excellent and they share their passion with each student they teach.


This place is incredible! The dance instruction is top notch, and you also get a deeper knowledge and understanding of this art form. And this is truly something anyone can do! I am forever grateful I found Anna and belly dance!


If you haven't tried Belly dancing you must! It is fun, different and works every part of your body. Anna is an excellent teacher, she is passionate about this ancient art, and if you are a beginner she makes you feel right at home.

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I came here using one of the beginner specials and I am constantly glad I gave it a try. I never thought I could be a dancer and I never though I had the right body for it. The first class alone taught me I was wrong about both. The teachers here are wonderful at explaining things to students. I came in with no experience and never felt lost in the beginner classes. I also know many of my fellow dancers come from a background of dance and still find it challenging enough. I cannot recommend this place enough!!!

Thank you so much.. It was just perfect.


Anna is one of the most knowledgable teacher I've known. She is kind and professional and will give you wonderful advise! Please look no further if you plan on taking a dance class, you won't be disappointed!


Belly dance at Ahlam Academy is addictive! Anna is a fantastic instructor - she explains the moves clearly, and peppers classes with cultural and historical facts about the dance. Her classes aren't just exercise, although you will get a good workout! You'll learn dance routines, work with props such as veils and zills, and won't even realize you're also getting in shape. She's supportive, high energy, and so much fun. You'll learn to move in new ways, love your body, and meet fun new friends!


Ahlam Academy is an absolutely fantastic place to learn bellydance! Anna is a wonderful instructor, always willing to help students to be their absolute best! The classes are incredibly welcoming, you'll feel right at home!


Anna, she is great dancer, a wonderful teacher and very kind person.


A place to learn how to dance from the wonderful Anna! I get to make new friends and escape the dullness of the daily grind and do something fun for me. With Anna you get an education in a beautiful art form and get in shape at the same time! She is a fun, energetic, creative and generous teacher. What I like best about Anna she is always providing new opportunities to learn and dance more if you're interested. Don't just take my word for it, take advantage of the free dance coupon and come see for yourself! You're bound to be instantly addicted! See you in class! ;)

Thank you so much for making my Moroccan party so special. Everyone LOVED your belly dancing class.


I like the workout while having fun & looking beautiful. So much fun. You explain the techniques so well.


I have attended Anna's belly dancing classes for 3 years now. Her lessons are not only good exercise but fun and friendly too. Anna is an excellent teacher; calm, patient and motivational. You leave her classes surprised at how good a work out you've had but yet also refreshed. Recently I had back problems which meant that, although I could stand upright, I wasn't able to maneuver nor move about well. I asked Anna if she could give me some small, simple exercises which I could do to prevent my back going into spasm and to help me relax. Anna presented me with a combination of small, isolated movements to be combined with specific breathing methods, which she called Chi Belly. The very first time she took me through this routine I felt my body relax and my muscles release the tension, which I was unaware of them holding. The exercises are designed to be completed as a routine or done separately, depending on how much time I have, where I am and how much pain I'm in. I find them easy to do yet the results are, for me, impressive. When I attended my physical therapy appointment my therapist was extremely impressed with what I had been given, thought it complemented my PT exercises very well, and encouraged other patients to think about learning similar relaxation exercise techniques. I am very grateful to Anna for being able to understand what I needed and designing a programme to meet those needs, especially when I wasn't very clear myself in explaining what I wanted. Thank you Anna, I hope to work with you for a long time to come.


You're a great teacher. You make learning something new fun, and also include the rich history of the dance in lessons. You inspire confidence to try new things and to unleash creativity through dance.


Anna is a poetic and fluid dancer, as I've had the opportunity to watch her dance in different venues, and she is all about teaching her art to her students! The unique quality of Anna as a certified group instructor/personal trainer is that, I think being that her background is computers/IT of all things, she can be analytical in breaking down specific moves, and choreography so that everyone can learn the moves! I love the warm-up which sometimes weaves a bit of martial arts and ballet flavor (both in Anna's background) into the hour. Even if professional belly dancing is not the ultimate goal, it helps with other movements in zumba, hip-hop, clubbing... Most of all, it's awesome fun learning new things!


You're a fantastic teacher. I enjoy getting history and information about belly dance as we learn new moves and techniques. You have a way of generating confidence as you teach which is oh so helpful as a beginner.


If any one has the least curiosity about this art form, here is a wonderful opportunity to explore and expand your horizons. Anna's dedication, patience and deep knowledge make it easy to step out of your shell. There is no judgement or pressure to look a certain way or achieve at a certain pace. There are women of all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities in her classes. What do they have in common? A desire to empower and express themselves. Step out of the box and retrain your body with small, isolated movements that you will learn to integrate and control. A totally different workout than you have ever done. Try it! Now in my fifth year of practice with Anna I can look back and see how far I've come in the art of Middle Eastern dance. Anna's classes have always been lively and interesting. She provides a challenge at all levels from shy beginner to advanced performer. Anna embraces a holistic approach to belly dancing and teaches not only superb technique but also rhythm (drums and zills), choreography, costuming and performance skills. She enlightens her students with the history and culture of the various regions and the rich diversity to be found in this art form. Anna has a true passion for belly dancing and is eager to share her skills and abilities with everyone. Join us!


Anna, you're an awesome teacher, instructor, professional. Your love and passion for what you do more than overflow to your teachings. You are very articulate, patient, and definitely know how to teach with versatility in every class. You are fluid and very artistically inclined in every class. Thank you for being you.


I started out planning to only take a few private lessons from Anna. It's been almost a year and I am now a student taking classes on a regular basis. Anna is an amazing teacher and beautiful dancer. She is patient and encouraging. Not only that, we have a lot of fun in class. For anyone who is interested, you should come in and try a class.


I look forward to your class each week, and get really bummed out if something interferes with my attendance. You are great at breaking the movements down to make them simple versus frustrating. Your have such a natural grace and fluidity in your dance that I am awestruck watching you demonstrate. I leave your class both relaxed and refreshed! Thank you!


Super fun class with an energetic instructor and a great music playlist! Anna is an amazing instructor! She offers classes for all levels of dancer from beginner to performance level. Her studio, Oriental Phoenix Arts, also hosts work shops, drum jams and other dance related events. It's awesome to have such a great resource here in the Katy/Cypress area to belly dance!

Brenda Alford
Katy, TX

Most amazing teacher.... kind, talented ... Her moves :-) are flawless, beautiful, graceful, lucky to be a student look forward to each and every class


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Why Learn at Ahlam Academy?

There are many places to learn to Belly Dance in Houston. What sets Ahlam Academy apart from other dance schools?

  • Middle Eastern, Turkish, Pan-Arabic dances are what we do! We are passionate about preserving and perpetuating folkloric, traditional, and modern dance forms. Our goal for our students is to have them “Dance Like an Egyptian” in an authentic way that honors the people and cultures these dances come from.
  • Dedication to the development of every student. We believe everyone has a special gift to share and we help everyone develop themselves into the best dancer they can be. PERIOD. We value diversity and create a fun, welcoming, non-competitive place where EVERYONE can grow.
  • Your dance education isn’t left to chance. We have a comprehensive, systematic program to provide you the most technical development, knowledge immersion, and dance experiences in the shortest time possible.
  • No long-term contracts. We offer month-to-month memberships and drop-ins. Sometimes we offer discounted class packages.
  • No class lapses. We offer classes throughout the year, except a few holidays.
  • You can start anytime. Each class is a nice, neat little package on its own. No need to wait for the beginning of a new session or open registration.